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Methods and tools for promoting youth empowerment

Based on United Nations’ data, 16% of the world’s population is youth. Young people are the ones who form the future of our world and it is really important to pay strong attention to their development and empowerment. 

Youth empowerment is essential for transforming young people into strong, decisive, and critical-thinking members of society. Youth empowerment can be fostered through education, educational/cultural/community programs, or support services. Therefore, it is really important to be aware of the different methods and tools that someone can use to promote and strengthen youth empowerment. Such methods can be: 

  • Non-formal education activities: The usage of games, interactive activities, and discussions are among the best methods to foster empowerment among young people. 
  • Helping youth to identify their interests: Many times young people are not sure of what they like and what not. Therefore, they need guidance to explore their interests and find their identity. 
  • Helping young people feel and become autonomous: The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be tough and young people struggle to become autonomous citizens. Therefore, it is really important that they are supported through this transition and guided by using different kinds of activities and tips.  

Besides the above-mentioned methods and tools, EU projects play a major role in youth empowerment. Such project is ACDC – Active Citizens, Digital Citizens. ACDC aims to promote the exchange of best practices among NGOs and SMEs, through diverse methods and tools related to youth empowerment, digital transformation, and non-formal education. The project will produce a complete toolkit that will incorporate unique tools (online and offline), primarily based totally on non-formal education, virtual innovations, concepts of interactive and inclusive education, and which will foster youth empowerment and digital transformation. 

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