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Motivation Course for Vocational Education and Training Sector

The different factors that influence learning within the educational field are undeniable. Among them, factors that condition the teaching and learning process, such as the characteristics of the educational center (school equipment, classroom size, availability of resources, schedules, etc.), the characteristics of the teaching staff (experience, quality, updating…) and those of the students (personality, health problems, etc.). Although it is true that these factors influence school success or failure, their modification and/or adaptation is not carried out directly by the teaching activities, but rather depends, to a large extent, on administrative, bureaucratic, and specialized processes. And it is in this typology where the previously mentioned situational elements are found, these being the reasons why their treatment is difficult.

The research carried out throughout the Endigi Project has resulted in 28 learning elements that condition the entire motivational process of Vocational Training students.

The main objective of this course is to contribute to the social inclusion of Vocational Training students who lack basic digital skills. The course focuses on groups that have fallen behind in terms of technology and, although they are studying, they are not motivated to take or continue in courses that enable the acquisition of basic digital competencies or other VET courses.                                                       

The lack of these types of skills is even more prominent in those groups that  find themselves in situations of social exclusion, facing intense challenges  such as economic (long-term unemployment), social (lack of access to means of contact with family and friends), and personal development (less independence to manage in real life and carry out all kinds of procedures, etc.)

The Motivation course consists of the following modules:

Module 1: Conceptual elements

Module 2: Factors that influence student motivation

Module 3: Ideas to be taken into account by teachers

Module 4: Teaching methodologies for Motivation

Module 5: Teaching resources

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