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Simple robots and how to use them

According to the UN report estimate from 2020, “the number of people aged 60 or over will grow from 962 million worldwide in 2017 to 2,1 billion in 2050 and 3,1 billion in 2100” (Nt, 2020). The numbers in question are huge, and so is the need for automated support when it comes to taking care of the elderly population. Even though the definite potential of assistive robots remains undiscovered to man, it is safe to presume that these companions will slowly become an inevitable factor in elderly households, playing an essential role in taking care of them and providing both emotional and physical support.  

Regardless of the opinion that the elderly population is still quite apprehensive to introduce technology into their everyday lives, the research shows that “in robotics, there is evidence instead that acceptance and trust on technology increased over time when persons gained experience with a robot and became familiar with it” (Cortellessa et al., 2021). This goes on to prove that, once the person receives appropriate training in using its automated assistant, the experience is bound to create a positive relationship between the two, as well as ensure a better quality of life for the seniors. Right now on the market, there are many robots designed to help older generations live a less isolated life and one that often shows to result in depression and lack of socializing (Nt, 2020).  

The need to help aging generations integrate technology into their everyday lives has reached the point of imminence. NTSL – NewTech Senior Leader project aims to support educators in conducting activities for seniors in the area of new technologies. By providing them with tools for working with simple robots, the project focuses on the digital education of seniors and their guardians and trainers, intending to help them immerse into the new age of digitalization, and ultimately, live a better life.  

Stay tuned to learn more about our NTSL project!  

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