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What Can We Offer For You
EU Funding 

Would you like to participate in EU projects? 

Are you looking for EU funding? 

Even if you haven’t participated in an EU project before, Eurospeak could make it simple for you to find an EU funding programme that meets your needs & helps you with bid writing. Read more 

Online English Lessons  

Whether you want to improve your English for business, academics or pleasure, Eurospeak has the course for you. We offer tailored online classes for groups and individuals to improve their skills in speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Read more

Educational Technology

Let’s face it, the days of a teacher standing next to a board for two hours are fading away. The modern learner demands more exciting, dynamic methods to match a much shorter attention span. We can help you develop e-courses, apps, educational games, Augmented Reality (AR) and robotics to bring you courses in line with the rapidly changing face of education. We have made several such products for EU-funded projects. Read more


Our multinational and multilingual team also provide the service of translation between various languages in English. Read more