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5 tips for a winning KA2 Erasmus+ Proposal

Completing an Erasmus+ KA2 project application (KA1, KA2, KA3 or other) might seem a tricky task.  

Below we give the main things to know while Erasmus project writing. And, afterwards we will provide you with ten tips & tricks to make your Erasmus+ project proposal excellent.

  1. Find a topic & make a clear plan

Fist of all you will need to find a topic for your KA2 proposal. One thing to bear in mind when searching for topics is that your project needs to be based around strategic prtneshps and the objectoves each year releases the EU on the Erasmus+ projects.

A plan is a lifesaver in proposal writing. It will allow to see the bigger picture, and most important, it keeps you on track – if you have a plan you won’t loose your main goal. \ the A plan will help you understand what the needs to design this project and which is the most appropriate target group.

2. Understand and cut down the application questions

You should divide the questions into smaller parts, like this: “Why do you want to carry out this project?” and give your answer to this sub-question;  “What are its objectives?” – give your answer to this & so on. This makes it easier not only for you. But also for the evaluator. Important prt on this is to use bullet points. It’s worth using anything that help the evaluator find the information he/she is looking for. Bullet points or numbering is, thus, a very useful hack in Erasmus project writing.

3. Write in a team

That’s good for many reasons:

1) you’ll have someone to proofread your answers immediately;

2) you’ll avoid the so called ‘writing blockages’;

3) it will keep your motivation up; and

4) save up the time.

Writing a complex application (such as Erasmus KA2) alone is possible, of course; yet, it’s not advised.

4. Invest time in building equal and strong partnership – Plan out your project beforehand

Right partners will give you right ideas. And, if your project is approved, you will thank yourself for building a strong partnership in the first place.

Make sure you are consistent with your end goal, objectives and target groups when filling in the application.

5. Know your target group 

(if possible) or invite them to fill in the online questionnaire in order to make your project more relevant, meaningful and useful. Maybe the methodology you are thinking of creating is not going to be used? It is better to ask first.

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