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Month: June 2023

STAND UP Training curriculum for teachers: Fight against cyberbullying!

We are very proud to announce the finalization of STAND UP’s first project result! The creation of a training specifically.

Enhancing Intergenerational Learning Through Simple Robots and Non-Formal Activities: The case of the NewTech Senior Leader Project

Bridging the generational gap and encouraging meaningful contacts across different age groups has become a critical issue in an era.

Gamification Activities and Methods for the Elderly’s Support – Our new Erasmus+ initiative on Adult Education!

In a digital age dominated by advanced technology, the potential of gamification to enhance various aspects of our lives is.

Digitalization in the world of handicrafts

The field of handicrafts has benefited greatly from the developments and opportunities provided by digitalization. Here are a few examples.

Marketing skills and how to develop them

Marketing skills are essential for success in today’s competitive business landscape. Here are some key marketing skills and suggestions on.