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Enhancing Intergenerational Learning Through Simple Robots and Non-Formal Activities: The case of the NewTech Senior Leader Project

Bridging the generational gap and encouraging meaningful contacts across different age groups has become a critical issue in an era marked by rapid technology breakthroughs. The NewTech Senior Leader project has launched an innovative approach to foster knowledge exchange through the use of simple robotics and informal activities, realizing the transformative potential of intergenerational learning. The project’s goals, approach, and effects on intergenerational relationships are all covered in this article. 

The NewTech Senior Leader project intends to use technology to help older people enhance their digital skills and younger generations to obtain knowledge on forgotten practices (knitting for example) and thus promote intergenerational learning. The project also aims to support educators in conducting activities for seniors in the area of new technologies by providing them with tools for working with simple robots. 

The project’s methodology is based on the use of simple robots that are intended to engage and help both older people and youth. These machines have been purchased to support a variety of activities that promote digital skills, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity. Seniors and younger participants collaborate during interactive sessions to explore technology, pick up new skills, and share knowledge in a relaxed and encouraging environment. 

Non-formal activities are essential to the project because they promote participation and give all participants a welcoming learning atmosphere. The concept seeks to dismantle barriers and foster a sense of fellowship and understanding among generations by adding interesting and entertaining activities. 

The NewTech Senior Leader project, funded under the Erasmus+ programme, is a prime example of how technology and intergenerational learning can lead to beneficial societal transformation. The project has been successful in fostering meaningful connections between seniors and younger people through the use of non-formal activities and simple robots, encouraging knowledge sharing, skill development, and social cohesion. Initiatives like these provide motivation as we enter the digital era to use technology to improve society and reduce generational gaps. 

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