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Celebrating the Success of SKILLS UP: Training of Trainers

We humbly present to the public the concluding session of the Training of Trainers program under the SKILLS UP project. This project intends to bring out the significance of the digital as well as the language skills of adult educators in the context of educational development. 

Organized by Eurospeak Limited online, it was the occasion for five instructors to be at the forefront. For a period of one month, these teachers went into what the course meant and how it was personalized to improve digital and language skills. By virtue of continuous interaction with the platform and combined sessions, the participants developed their competencies in an effective manner and built a strong foundation of knowledge.  

Digitally proficient teachers with good language proficiency were trained, and there was a dynamic learning arena created by the trainers for the teachers where they were taken through different strategies for the use of different digital tools. Technology was the channel used in this case as participants delved into creative methods of teaching as well as approaches that would ideally create a suitable adult learning setting. Review and experience in hands-on learning were the main highlights of the course.  

During the training period, participants were to meet twice, encouraging a mutual learning event that implies knowledge exchange as well. By using a collaborative way of working to enhance the learning experience, we were able to improve the course content to meet the needs of adult educators.  

If you want to go through the process of acquiring new skills, you are welcome to use the platform to explore the full course on digital and language skills development online. Regardless of whether you are a newbie teacher or an experienced one, the class provides numerous tools to help you grow and become more competent.  

To start using the system and enrolling in the course, just click here to get registered now! Do not allow this chance to pass you by since it can help you grow your proficiency, expand your knowledge, and become a winner in this changing world of education. 

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