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Cyberbullying among youth in Europe

The increasing use of the Internet and mobile phones have led to an increase in the cases of cyberbullying, especially among young people (being the majority of online users). Social media and online messaging had also played a very important role in this rise. Young people tend to show every aspect of their lives online without thinking about who is the person looking on those posts and which are his/her intentions. On the other hand, it became much easier for to bullies share hateful messages online, since the communication is distant and online and they do not even have to show their real profiles.  

Based on research done in 2018 (Kalliope Athanasiou, (2018)) Romania is the EU Country with the highest rate of cyberbullying cases reaching up to 37.3% while Spain has the lowest ones – 13.3%. From the previously mentioned statistics, we can see that the problem of cyberbullying in Europe is real and we have to get worried about our youth. Cyberbullying can lead to serious mental and physical health issues, even suicidal attempts. Therefore, raising awareness initiatives and events on how to fight against cyberbullying and protect our youth are essential. 

Several initiatives are being organized and implemented across Europe in order to fight this issue. STAND UP project aims to provide VET teachers with tools to help them understand cyberbullying and how to fight it. In addition, it aims to help VET students become aware of the danger of cyberbullying. Through this initiative, partner organisations will develop and provide VET trainers and students with the necessary material and tools to reduce and eradicate any cases of cyberbullying.   

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