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EDICRA Hackathon Successfully Concludes, Pioneering European Handicraft Digitalization

Date: March 2023 

Location: Tenerife, Spain 

In a groundbreaking event held in Tenerife, Spain, the Erasmus+ project, EDICRA (European Handicraft Digitalization), recently hosted a remarkable hackathon aimed at revolutionizing the world of handicrafts. The event, which took place in March, brought together talented artisans and enthusiastic youth from Spain, Italy, and Ireland. With a focus on merging traditional craftsmanship with digital technologies, the hackathon marked a significant step forward in preserving European cultural heritage while fostering innovation and connectivity. 

The EDICRA hackathon spanned several intensive days, during which participants collaborated, exchanged knowledge, and engaged in hands-on activities. Held in the picturesque setting of Pinolere -Tenerife, the event provided an inspiring backdrop for the convergence of diverse skills and perspectives. The hackathon attracted artisans renowned for their mastery of traditional crafts, as well as young enthusiasts eager to explore novel approaches to craftsmanship. 

The primary objective of the hackathon was to bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and the digital world, leveraging technology to enhance artistic processes, market reach, and overall sustainability. Through a series of workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects, the participants explored the potential of digital tools, virtual reality, augmented reality, and online platforms for handicraft promotion. 

One of the highlights of the event was the exchange of expertise and experiences among the artisans and the youth participants. The artisans shared their deep knowledge of traditional techniques, while the younger generation contributed fresh perspectives and technological insights. The symbiotic relationship between the two groups fostered a creative atmosphere, resulting in numerous innovative ideas and projects. 

Throughout the hackathon, participants worked tirelessly to create prototypes, design digital interfaces, and develop strategies for marketing and promoting handicrafts in the digital realm. The event culminated in a showcase where the teams presented their projects to a distinguished panel of judges, comprised of industry experts, and representatives of local authorities. 

The successful completion of the EDICRA hackathon signifies a significant milestone in the digitalization of European handicrafts. The event served as a springboard for a renewed vision of the future, where traditional craftsmanship and digital technologies coexist harmoniously.  

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