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How to develop digital skills easy and fast

As more and more organisations, businesses and institutions begin to digitize their operations there has come an increased pressure on individuals to become more ‘tech-savvy’.  Its no longer enough to simply state you are proficient in the use of Microsoft word and Excel or that you can safely eject a floppy disc; the world has moved on and employers now seek only those who stand out. 

Depending on your career trajectory, the digital skills required vary substantially.  At a basic level – the expectation is that potential employees will possess the ability to use cloud-based collaboration tools such as Microsoft teams or Dropbox, to use online calendars to effectively manage their schedule and to navigate the screen sharing tool during a video call.  More advanced skills More advanced skills range from data visualisation to data engineering.   

Research has shown that for every 10 adults in Europe at least 4 lack even the most basic digital skills.  As a result of these findings, the European commission has set targets to ensure that 70% of all adults have basic digital skills by 2025.  Several initiatives have been launched by the Commission to meet this target, such as Digital SkillUp:   

There is, in addition to such initiatives, a wealth of information, blogs, videos, mentoring schemes and online courses available on the internet for those wishing to become more versed in their digital skills.   

MENTORING CHANGE is a reverse – mentoring project aimed at improving digital skills for adults by using mentors specifically trained to understand individual’s soft skills, job preferences and learning styles and who can teach digital skills in a way that is innovative and engaging.  

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