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Project’s nr. 2022-1-PT02-KA220-YOU-000087351 

As part of the See Me, Hear Me project, Eurospeak has successfully completed 4 interviews with migrants and asylum-seekers in Ireland. 

For most of them, the decision to move abroad was due to their home country’s economic and political instability. Furthermore, the work/life imbalance in their home country led to their decision to migrate to Europe as they are known for their work/life balance structure and their economic prosperities. In search of a better life and brighter future, the interviewees left their countries and came to Ireland. Here, they were met with hostile anti-immigration protesters and right-wing parties that continued to spread disinformation surrounding the issues of overcrowding and insufficient resources and lands to host more migrants and asylum-seekers.  

Some found integrating into Irish society less challenging as the language was not a problem. However, they found it more difficult trying to form deep connections with the locals here. Furthermore, migrants of any type all found it difficult to deal with homesickness, the interviewees were all holding back tears when talking about their families back home. 

In addition, asylum-seekers living in direct provision felt they were “segregated from the community” and faced many obstacles when trying to gather information on services such as health care, housing getting the right documents to apply for funding, etc. According to an interviewee, “There is a gap on those who need the services and the services provided”, They later said that a lot of them do not know what is available and accessible to them.  

When asked if they would like the Irish government to change or improve their services, an interviewee suggested that would there be a website or portal created with all the useful information and where to access the services, etc., that would be life-changing for them. 

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