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Rural Tourism Business Guide


The Rural Tourism Business Guide is part of the second world package of the TouRural project, whose full title is: “Rural Resilience and Rural Tourism Training Paths”. The project’s number is the following: 2022-1-SK01- KA220-VET-000085917. 

The main purpose of this guide is to analyze the skills and competencies of Rural tourism development as a strategy for the future of Europe. It presents an innovative approach to enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in the tourism and agricultural sectors. It focuses on the development of a specialised training programme designed to enable these businesses to create unique and appealing tour packages, specifically tailored to rural areas. The objective is to leverage the inherent charm and potential of rural landscapes, thereby attracting a broader spectrum of tourists.

The inspiration for this guide derived from the vision of the partnership of the TouRural project, which is to encourage it’s tourism by helping tourists discover the local intangible cultural heritage (handicrafts, cuisine, music, stories, customs) and by creating connections among local communities according to the Experiential tourism app. The goal is to establish a sustainable and enriching tourism model that benefits both visitors and the communities they explore. 

The essence of the Rural Tourism Business Guide lies in recognising the untapped potential of it and its capacity to attract diverse tourist demographics. It aims to empower SMEs to harness this potential, offering tourists an opportunity to deeply engage with the unique aspects of rural life. Central to this approach is the concept of experiential tourism, which extends beyond conventional sightseeing. It encourages tourists to immerse themselves in the local culture, encompassing aspects such as traditional handicrafts, authentic cuisine, local music, storytelling, and customs. 

All in all, the Rural Tourism Business Guide forms a comprehensive resource and takes a step towards transforming it’s tourism into a conduit for cultural exchange, economic growth, and mutual understanding, enhancing the viability and appeal of rural destinations. 

If you are eager to explore the Rural Tourism Business Guide and read it, you can find it here

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