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The SeheMe project!

The motivation for SeHeMe project derived from the difficulties, which young migrants and refugees face during their attempt to get integrated into the society of the host country. According to Eurostat, from 2015 to 2018, 1.9 million people received international protection in the EU, either as refugees or as beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, or received a humanitarian residence permit. More than 80% were below the age of 34. Many of those granted asylum are young people. They are likely to stay and settle in the EU. 

The SeHeMe project is a 24months initiative fostering synergies in 6 countries (Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Cyprus, Greece and Tunisia) aiming to ease young migrants and refugee’s integration into the society of the host country by making their voice heard. It seeks to help this process by providing the target group with a media voice. More specifically, it will offer language and media literacy training to youth newcomers (refugees, asylum seekers and migrants) recently settled in host countries. This will be accomplished through the establishment of an online magazine run entirely by migrants and refugees supported by language learning and media literacy tools tailored to their educational needs. 

SeHeMe project aims to build bridges between young migrants and refugees and the local community of the host country by providing educational tools together with an e-course that young migrants can use in order to increase their media literacy. 

Participating Organisations: 

  1. Eurospeak Limited (Ireland) 
  1. PADIL, SERVICES…à la portée des associations… (Tunisia) 
  1. RESET (Cyprus) 
  1. DEFOIN (Spain) 
  1. E-SCHOOL (Greece) 

SeHeMe target groups: 

  • The direct target group consisting of young and newly arrived young migrants and/or refugees. 
  • The indirect target group consisting of youth organisations, language schools and VET centres. 

The objectives of the SeHeMe project are:  

  • To provide language and media literacy education simultaneously to young immigrants and newly arrived young immigrants in a host country.  
  • To ease young immigrants’ integration into their host country by giving them a voice through which they can express themselves and share their experiences. 

4 Work Packages   

WP1: Project Management  

WP2: Evaluation Toolkit, SeHeMe case studies & Foreign Language for Media Literacy e-course 

WP3: “Home & Away” online magazine & SeHeMe events 

WP4: SeHeMe Training  

Project duration  

Start date: 1st of November 2022  

End date: 31st of October 2024  

Project title  

SeHeMe – See Me, Hear Me  

Project number  


During SeHeMe’s lifespan partners are planning to meet 3 times face-to-face, starting from the Kick-off Meeting in Portugal in January 2023. All partners are looking forward to it! 

For more SeHeMe news, stay tuned! 

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