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Bridging Digital and Language Skills Gaps for Adult Professionals: The Erasmus+ SKILLS UP Project

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In an increasingly connected, technology-driven society, the need to master the digital world and language has become crucial. However, many adult professionals and educators are severely deficient in these important skills. To address this issue, Eurospeak, with the help of the Erasmus+ programme, has launched a pioneering project called SKILLS UP, which primarily aims to improve adults’ and teachers’ competencies and promote enriching interaction with their students in digital environments

Collaboration for empowerment 

The SKILLS UP project brings together four renowned partner organisations: ESPAI in Spain, Forschungsverbund EV in Germany, DANTE in Croatia and Eurospeak in Ireland. Each organisation brings its own skills to the project and complements it with new ideas and approaches. 

The main goal is to promote digital and linguistic competencies. 

The basic aim of the SKILLS UP project is to empower adults and educators by teaching them basic digital and language skills. At a time when technology is influencing different areas of our lives, people need to be able to use digital platforms and tools effectively. In addition, language skills remain an essential part of good communication and cultural understanding. The project aims to address these gaps by building the skills of adult professionals and enabling them to provide engaging and impactful learning experiences for their students. 

Transformative outcomes: 

The SKILLS UP initiative is expected to produce numerous transformative outcomes that will have a long-term impact on adult education and training across Europe. 

SKILLS UP Training Toolbox: The development of a complete training toolbox is one of the crowning achievements of the project. This toolbox will contain precisely prepared training for adults, focusing on both linguistic and digital competencies. The course material will be adaptable to meet the different needs and abilities of the participants. 

Online Train-the-Trainer sessions: Two rounds of online train-the-trainer sessions are planned to validate and refine the course content created through the SKILLS UP initiative. These workshops will bring trainers together to interact with the material, provide comments and fine-tune the courses for maximum effectiveness. 

YOU-YES platform: The crowning glory of the project is the creation of the YOU-YES platform, a huge online space dedicated to the training of adult educators at EU level. This platform will store all the training material produced by the SKILLS UP project, making it easily accessible to trainers in different regions. The reach and accessibility of the platform will help sustain the impact of the project by enabling adult educators to continue their professional development. 

A more resilient future: 

The SKILLS UP programme is a harbinger of a bright future for adult education. By closing essential gaps in digital and language skills, the initiative not only equips individuals with practical skills but also strengthens the education sector as a whole. The involvement of partner organisations from many countries testifies to a shared commitment to improving the quality of education at the European level. 

As the SKILLS UP initiative progresses and its outcomes are realised, it paves the way for a workforce that is able to navigate the digital terrain, communicate effectively, and promote cultural understanding. This programme represents a significant step forward in creating a more skilled, connected, and empowered Europe. 

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