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Empowering Digital Competence: MENTORING CHANGE Project’s Milestones: Unlocking the Potential of Reverse Mentoring for E-skills Advancement

Empowering Digital Competence: MENTORING CHANGE Project's Milestones – Unlocking the Potential of Reverse Mentoring for E-skills Advancement

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, people who want to be successful in both their personal and professional lives need to acquire digital skills. The MENTORING CHANGE project has recognized this need and seeks to improve adults’ digital skills with a new and innovative approach: Reverse Mentoring. With the completion of the tutor training and the start of the local training, the project has reached a crucial milestone.

The project MENTORING CHANGE is based on the idea that knowledge sharing is a two-way street. In this pioneering project, adult learners are paired with mentors who have advanced digital skills. The reverse mentoring approach departs from typical educational models by putting learners in charge. 

July was a turning point in the project’s history when ten dedicated educators from partner countries – Spain, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, and Ireland – came together for an intensive training programme. This training not only gave the tutors a thorough understanding of the project’s objectives but also the skills they needed to navigate the project’s educational platform, Chamillo. This state-of-the-art platform serves as a digital hub for knowledge transfer and interaction between tutors, mentors, and students. 

The training of the tutors was a crucial phase, as it set the framework for the subsequent phases of the project. These certified tutors were prepared to play an important role in the delivery of local training, which started on August 1 August and is scheduled to last until mid-September. The local training will be conducted entirely online, using an asynchronous approach that harnesses the power of digital connectivity to bring together participants from different geographical regions. 

At the heart of this local training is a rigorous technique based on an assessment of key attributes such as soft skills, digital skills, learning styles, and work role preferences. These components are essential not only for personal growth but also for improving employability prospects in an increasingly competitive work market. Adult learners can not only adapt to but also succeed in the digital world by honing these skills. 

The MENTORING CHANGE project extends an open invitation to all interested in participating in this transformative learning experience. Individuals who register on the Chamillo platform receive access to a wealth of training content handpicked by industry professionals. Potential participants can reach out to  to take that critical step toward boosting digital competencies and embarking on a path of continual self-improvement. 

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