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Empowering the Future: I’M NEW Project Unveils Manual of NFE Activities for Innovations in Marketing

I'M NEW Project Unveils Manual of NFE Activities for Innovations in Marketing

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, staying ahead requires continuous innovations in marketing and adaptation. The I’M NEW – The Future of Neuromarketing project has taken a significant step towards shaping the future of marketing with its second result, the Manual of NFE (Non-Formal Education) Activities on the topic of innovations in marketing. This comprehensive manual serves as the practical cornerstone of the project, providing invaluable resources for youth workers, trainers, facilitators, and coaches seeking to impart cutting-edge marketing skills through non-formal education. 

Addressing Emerging Needs: The Manual of NFE Activities responds to a myriad of needs within the marketing landscape, aiming to bridge the gap between existing educational frameworks and the evolving demands of the industry. 

1. Supporting Youth Workers in Training the Next Generation: 

The manual addresses the first need by equipping youth workers with a structured framework for non-formal educational activities. By providing resources that are both informative and engaging, it enables youth workers to effectively train the next generation of marketers. The activities outlined in the manual are designed to enhance the understanding of innovativions in marketing concepts, ensuring that youth are well-prepared for the challenges of the industry. 

2. Tailored Training for New Marketing Fields: 

Recognizing the emergence of nano, neuro, digital, and social media marketing, the manual offers specific practical training activities. These activities go beyond traditional marketing approaches, delving into the intricacies of these new fields. By doing so, the manual ensures that learners acquire the skills and competencies required for success in the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing. 

3. Enhancing Employability for NEETs and Youth at Risk: 

Another vital need addressed by the manual is the empowerment of NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and youth at risk of socio-economic exclusion. By focusing on developing practical marketing skills, the manual aims to increase their employability, opening doors to opportunities in the innovative fields of nano, neuro, digital, and social media marketing. 

4. Closing the Skills Gap in Marketing Jobs:

The manual plays a pivotal role in reducing the labor market mismatch by aligning the skills acquired through non-formal education with the demands of marketing jobs. By incorporating real-world applications and industry-relevant scenarios, it ensures that individuals are equipped with the skills required to thrive in the contemporary marketing landscape. 

The I’M NEW project’s Manual of NFE Activities on the topic of innovation in marketing is a beacon of progress for the marketing industry. By addressing the specific needs of youth workers, trainers, and disadvantaged youth, it paves the way for a more inclusive and dynamically skilled marketing workforce. As we embrace the future of marketing, this manual stands as a testament to the power of non-formal education in shaping the marketers of tomorrow. 

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