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Intergenerational programs and activities and their importance in youths and seniors upskilling

Intergenerational programs and activities refer to initiatives that bring together people from different age groups, particularly youths and seniors, to participate in shared learning experiences and activities. These programs can take many forms, such as mentoring, volunteering, community service, arts and culture, and educational programs. 

There are several benefits to intergenerational programs and activities for both youths and seniors. For example, these programs can provide opportunities for seniors to share their knowledge and expertise with younger generations while also learning from them. Similarly, youths can gain valuable insights and skills from seniors that can help them develop both personally and professionally. 

Some specific benefits of intergenerational programs and activities for youths and seniors include: 

  • Skill development: Intergenerational programs and activities can provide opportunities for youths and seniors to learn new skills and knowledge. Seniors can share their expertise and experience with younger generations, while youths can offer their technological skills and knowledge. 
  • Socialization: These programs provide opportunities for seniors to connect with younger generations and reduce social isolation. For youths, intergenerational programs offer opportunities to develop new relationships and social skills. 
  • Increased empathy and understanding: Intergenerational programs and activities can help break down stereotypes and promote understanding and empathy between generations. They can also provide opportunities for different age groups to work together to address social issues and make a positive impact in their communities. 
  • Positive mental health outcomes: For seniors, intergenerational programs can reduce the risk of depression and cognitive decline, while for youths, they can improve mental health outcomes by promoting a sense of purpose and belonging. 

Intergenerational programs and activities are important for both youths and seniors as they provide opportunities for skill development, socialization, increased empathy and understanding, and positive mental health outcomes. These programs can also foster a sense of community and social responsibility by bringing different age groups together to work towards common goals.  

Through the activities of our NTSL – NewTech Senior Leader project, we will bring together young people and senior citizens aiming to give them the chance to learn from each other. Young people will support seniors to improve their digital skills while seniors will show to youth forgotten practices and activities.  


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