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TELL ME (Multilingual Connectivity) Project Multiplier Event at Trinity College, Dublin

In May 2023, Trinity College in Dublin hosted the TELL ME (Multilingual Connectivity) project’s multiplier event. This groundbreaking initiative was designed with the goal of connecting various stakeholders in the education sector to promote language learning, multicultural dialogues, and inclusivity. The project’s main aim was to create a digital platform where institutions, educators, and adult learners could collaborate and engage in online language sessions, overcoming geographical barriers and fostering a sense of European unity.

The TELL ME project targeted four key groups: institutions and organisations involved in adult education, teachers and educators, adult learners, and other actors within the education sector. By focusing on these diverse stakeholders, the project aimed to strengthen adult language learning and education both nationally and internationally. Through the provision of a digital platform, the project sought to connect teachers and students, facilitating the exchange of best practices and methodologies for online learning.

Amaita Intercultura, based in Italy, led the TELL ME project, serving as the leading partner. The project also involved other esteemed partners, including United Societies of Balkans (Greece), Eurospeak (Ireland), Castilla Languages (Spain), and Vezirköprü (Turkey). Together, these organisations contributed their expertise and resources to ensure the success of the project.

One of the primary objectives of TELL ME was to promote multilingualism, diversity, and cultural exchange. By bringing together learners from different European countries, the project aimed to foster an environment where individuals could learn from one another’s languages, cultures, and experiences. Through online sessions organised by organisations and language teachers, learners were provided with an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and enhance their language skills.

TELL ME also aimed to bring individuals closer to the European Union by promoting a deeper understanding of its diverse languages and cultures. By facilitating language learning and multicultural dialogues, the project aimed to promote inclusion, professional development, and personal growth. The platform provided a space for learners to interact with their peers from different countries, breaking down barriers and forging new connections.

To stay updated on the TELL ME project and its ongoing activities, interested individuals can follow their Facebook page at or visit the official project website at These platforms provide valuable information, updates, and resources for anyone interested in promoting multilingualism, diversity, and language learning within the education sector.

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