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Meet the TouRural project!

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We are happy to announce the start of a new project titled “Rural Resilience and Rural Tourism Training Paths”, in short, “TouRural!”

TouRural will last for 24 months, starting from the 1st of September 2022 and it will be completed by the 31st of August 2024. 

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The project’s number is this: 2022-1-SK01- KA220-VET-000085917. 

The coordinator is from Slovakia and there will be in total 5 partners collaborating on this project idea as seen below: 

  1. Europea Slovakia from Slovakia 
  1. LUETEB from Italy  
  1. VAEV from Austria 
  1. Eurospeak Limited from Ireland and 
  1. Europea Polska from Poland. 

TouRural’s main objectives are:

  • to encourage young people living in rural areas to be more resilient and invest their skills and competencies locally. 
  • to promote the economic development of small towns and villages using rural tourism. 
  • to strengthen digital competencies for rural tourism operators; · to fill the digital gap in rural tourism promotion and management. 
  • to create new training paths and awareness campaigns to promote experiential tourism. 

For more news about TouRural, stay tuned! 

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