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The ACDC – Active Citizens, Digital Citizens Training Activity

ACDC – Active Citizens, Digital Citizens project aims to promote the exchange of best practices among NGOs and SMEs, through diverse methods and tools related to youth empowerment, digital transformation, and non-formal education.  

The project’s main result is a complete toolkit that incorporates unique tools (online and offline), primarily based on non-formal education, virtual innovations, at the concepts of interactive and inclusive education. 

To finalize the project’s main result a training activity involving 18 youth workers from all partner countries – Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Ireland took place in September 2022. The meeting was hosted by the project’s coordinator – The association “Professional Forum for Education” in Petrohan, Bulgaria. 

During this training activity, youth workers tested the interactive educational tools on the following topics:​ 

  • Privacy and security​ 
  • Digital footprint and identity​ 
  • Digital citizenship​ 
  • Mindfulness​ 
  • Media literacy​ 
  • Hate speech​ 
  • Cyberbullying

Project partners have collected feedback on the tools’ functionality and based on this feedback the toolkit will be finalized. Once finalized, the toolkit will be available freely online, aiming that youth workers and youth organizations will incorporate it into their daily work with youths. 

Stay tuned for more updates on ACDC project!  

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