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NEETs in Europe and how to help them

NEET is an acronym that stands for “Not in Employment, Education, or Training.” NEETs are individuals who are not engaged in any kind of work, education, or training. In Europe, NEETs are a significant social issue that requires attention and action. 

The reasons why young people become NEETs can vary, including lack of qualifications, family issues, mental health problems, or difficulty transitioning from education to work. Whatever the cause, being NEET can have long-term negative consequences, including lower earning potential and reduced social and economic participation. 

Here are some ways to help NEETs in Europe: 

  • Offer targeted training and education programs: NEETs often lack the necessary skills and qualifications to secure employment. Providing training and education programs that are tailored to their needs can help them gain the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the workforce. 
  • Provide counseling and support: Many NEETs struggle with mental health issues or lack the support of a positive role model. Offering counseling and mentorship programs can help them overcome these obstacles and find success. 
  • Encourage entrepreneurship: For some NEETs, starting their own business can be a viable option. Encouraging and supporting entrepreneurial initiatives can provide NEETs with an alternative pathway to employment. 
  • Foster social inclusion: NEETs often feel disconnected from society and lack social support networks. Fostering social inclusion by creating opportunities for NEETs to engage with their communities can help them feel more connected and increase their chances of success. 
  • Provide financial assistance: NEETs may face financial barriers that prevent them from participating in education or training programs. Providing financial assistance, such as grants or scholarships, can help remove these barriers and allow NEETs to pursue their goals. 
  • Work with employers: Employers can play an important role in helping NEETs find employment. Working with employers to create job opportunities and providing incentives for hiring NEETs can help increase their chances of success. 

In this frame, our I’M NEW Erasmus+ project seeks to give youth workers and NEETs access to high-quality educational materials on the subjects of digital, neuro, and nano marketing so they can gain the necessary skills for emerging occupations on the market today and combat the rising youth unemployment. 


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