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Online Course on Digital Skills for unmotivated VET Learners

The online course on Digital Skills for unmotivated vocational education and training learners has been developed with the aim to increase the learners’ knowledge of digital tools, techniques, and practices that will allow them to better follow VET programs. The educational material combines evidence-based learning techniques with innovative approaches related to the motivation of VET Learners.

“Digital Skills for unmotivated VET Learners” covers 13 of the 21 competencies of DigiComp2.

Each module is linked with the specific competencies, in order for VET Trainees and VET Learners to know them. They are also encouraged to look at DigiComp2 in order to locate additional competencies and explore the levels of acquiring them.

By the end of the course, learners will acquire or develop their digital skills in order to allow them to better follow learning programmes.

The main competences of the course will unfold according to DigiComp2’s main dimensions; Information and Data Literacy; Communication and Collaboration; Digital Content Creation; Safety; and Problem Solving.

Learners will be able to participate effectively and respond to the requirements of a learning programme (how to use a computer to study or complete exercises, how to participate in e-learning activities, and how to collaborate with other learners in joint learning activities, etc.). The programme also emphasises the personal engagement of the learners and increases their abilities to search, find, and get enrolled in other online courses.

The online course is consisted of the following modules:

Module 1: Induction 

Module 2: Navigating the Internet for Knowledge

Module 3: Basic Skills 

Module 4: Joining / Using a Platform 

Module 5: Non-Digital Skills 

The total number of hours to complete the course is 32 academic hours.

The course will be available in the project website:

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