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Introducing WOMEN UP: Empowering Vulnerable Women for a Brighter Future

Women Up

In an era where inclusivity and empowerment are paramount, initiatives like WOMEN UP stand out as beacons of hope and progress. It is a pioneering project with a noble aim: to empower vulnerable women, particularly young mothers, refugees, and migrants, by equipping them with essential skills and competencies to thrive in today’s labor market. Spearheaded by the dedicated efforts of ASOCIACION ARRABAL AID from Spain, WOMEN UP brings together a consortium of organizations across Europe committed to fostering positive change. 

Main Aim: 

At its core, WOMEN UP aims to bridge the gap between opportunity and marginalized communities. By creating educational and training resources alongside a comprehensive career counseling program, the project seeks to enable vulnerable women to (re)integrate into the workforce successfully. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by groups such as young mothers, refugees, and migrants, it prioritizes empowerment through skill-building and tailored support.


WOMEN UP operates as a collaborative effort, leveraging the expertise and resources of various partners across Europe. Alongside the coordinating efforts of ASOCIACION ARRABAL AID from Spain, key partners include ADOLESCERE – ASSOCIAÇÃO DE APOIO À CRIANÇA E AO ADOLESCENTE from Portugal, INSTITUTE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT from Greece, FAKULTETA ZA ORGANIZACIJSKE STUDIJEV NOVEM MESTU from Slovenia, Eurospeak Limited from Ireland, and Zone Femmes from Belgium. Through this network of diverse organizations, our project ensures a holistic approach to empowerment, addressing multifaceted needs with precision and care. 

Latest Updates: 

The journey of this project commenced with a promising start, marked by the inaugural partners meeting held on January 23rd & 24th in Malaga, Spain. During this pivotal gathering, partners converged to outline the project’s roadmap, delineate responsibilities, and set the stage for impactful implementation. With a shared commitment to excellence and inclusivity, the partners of WOMEN UP laid the foundation for a collaborative endeavor poised to make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable women across Europe. 

As it continues to unfold, it represents not only a project but a testament to the power of unity and compassion. By empowering vulnerable women with the tools they need to thrive, WOMEN UP not only transforms individual lives but also paves the way for a more equitable and prosperous future for all. 

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