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How to develop digital skills easy and fast

As more and more organisations, businesses and institutions begin to digitize their operations there has come an increased pressure on.

The concept of Neuromarketing

Smidt’s coined the word “neuromarketing” in 2002 to describe a field that mixes marketing and developing neuroscience (Ulman, Cakar &.

Methods for promoting digital transformation among youth

Youth work should always follow the trends and get developed along with technology and society.  New technologies and digitalization are.

Combining Blended and Individual Online Learning

Following up the article on “Dangers and challenges of Education 4.0”, this is one more article inspired by the research.

Dangers and challenges of Education 4.0

This article is inspired by the research Eurospeak Limited conducted for the first project result of the EU Play project:.

The EU Play project is going on!

Discovering the EU Play project, whose full title is Discovering the EU by PLAYing project (Project number: 2021-1-PL01-KA220-SCH-000034346) begun seven.

FURNICERT – Certification in language for furniture design

KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training   In the month of June 2022 our project’s first face to.

This is the I’M NEW project!

According to Statista youth unemployment has reached 13.9% in the EU, while in some countries is much higher. Such countries.

The importance of digital skills in job finding

Living in such a transformative world has left us in a constant need for digital upgrading. As digital technology continues.

Simple robots and how to use them

According to the UN report estimate from 2020, “the number of people aged 60 or over will grow from 962.