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Closing the Divide: Empowering Adult Professionals with Digital and Language Skills

In the fast-paced digital era, staying relevant in the professional landscape requires a dynamic skill set. The SKILLS UP Project.


Elevating Senior Wellbeing: Gamification Strategies for Elderly Support and the GAMES Erasmus+ Project 

As the global population continues to age, the need for innovative solutions to support the well-being of older adults becomes.

Supporting Students Victimised by Cyberbullying: The Role of the Erasmus+ STAND UP Project

Cyberbullying is an escalating concern that has infiltrated the lives of many, especially students. In the digital age, it is.

Empowering Seniors with New Technologies: NTSL Erasmus+ Project Culminates with Impressive Results

In an era where technology advances at a rapid pace, there’s a growing need to bridge the digital divide and.

Transforming European Handicrafts: The EDICRA Erasmus+ Project’s Digitalization Journey

In an age of rapid digital transformation, the European Handicraft Digitalization Erasmus+ Project (EDICRA) stands as a beacon of innovation.

Tackling Youth Unemployment: The Role of Education and Innovation

Millions of young people struggle to find steady job despite their degrees and aspirations, and youth unemployment is a significant.

Empowering Digital Competence in Adults: The Success Story of the MENTORING CHANCE Erasmus+ Project

Adults must constantly develop and enhance their digital competencies in a world dominated by digital technology. The MENTORING CHANCE –.

Close up of a cobbler working with leather textile

Empowering Rural Youth Through Arts & Crafts: The Role of the Erasmus+ Project EDICRA

Young people in rural areas of Europe frequently confront particular difficulties. For young people living in rural areas, having limited.

Farm 2

Training of the TouRural project in Italy!

September 2023 is the month for our exciting rural resilience and tourism training journey! The training took place in Satriano di.

Cyberbullying at school

My Student is a Cyberbully. What do I do? Understanding and Addressing the Issue with Erasmus+ STAND UP Project

Cyberbullying is a problem that needs to be addressed in the digital era, especially among young people. It happens frequently.